What you really need to know in Excel.

We asked managers through focus groups and participants through interviews. Identify the real needs of your business and employees.

Excel Analysis

Templates Design


Employees Training

After Support

About Us

Excelsible was established to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with the day-to-day issues they experience at work. Excel, the most common spreadsheet application, has limitless capabilities that are continually developing as the demands for commercial data processing rise dramatically.

The goal of Excelsible is to identify each organization’s/needs business’s in terms of the tools it requires in the Excel program, to develop appropriate training standards for personnel based on the unique needs, and to train personnel to develop the knowledge required for dealing with daily challenges.

All trainings are adapted to the specific demands of each organization/business/professional, and examples that match the unique day-to-day issues of the individual organization/business/professional are utilized for training purposes.

Our Services

Excel Analysis

We examine your existing ways of using Excel and we advise you for improvements. You will receive a proposal of our suggestions based on your needs and how we can work together to make it possible for improvement.

Templates Design

We design new templates for your use of Excel based on your needs.

Employees Training

We train your employees on how to use the new or existing templates and how to collaborate between different departments.


After Training Support

We provide after training support based on the new needs might appear and any changes you may wish.

Our Philosophy

We take care of each client as an exclusive entity, while keeping the same quality of service before, during and after each training regardless the number of participants. We believe that growth comes through the people’s development and that every employee deserves to reach their highest potential and discover their talents.

How we are different

Our clients take the advantage of a full custom tailor-made training. We do not provide ready-made trainings with ready-made curriculum. Every training is made after time spend on research and with the responsible-orparticipants’ growth-people of the organization. Participants usually come from the same department and have the same prerequired knowledge so they get the most profitable training experience.

Why work with us

We are two passionate trainers who want immediate results on our participants’ training. We have been providing trainings for more than 10 years and our mission is to make it possible to learn under any circumstances. If you are seeking for professinals who are willing to spend time and efford on identifying your needs, Excelsible is the suitable option for you.